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Course Summary

Course Summary

We started this course as a JavaScript developer eager to learn TypeScript.

We learned that TypeScript is extra code we need to write, but it makes code maintenance easier and less risky. It also enables productivity features in our editor.

We learned the standard types in TypeScript’s sophisticated type system and how to create our own types with mechanisms like interfaces and type aliases. We learned how to make types reusable with the help of generics.

We learned TypeScript's more advanced types, such as mapped types and conditional types.

We gained a deep understanding of the TypeScript compiler options and how to use TypeScript with Babel, ESLint, and Webpack to produce a high quality codebase.

I encourage you to try using TypeScript in Visual Studio Code and experience the fantastic features that TypeScript enables, such as IntelliSense, code refactoring, and code navigation. The net effect is that you and your team will become more productive.

We’ve now reached the end of this interactive course. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m sure what you have learned will help you in your next project!

If you have any feedback or questions then don't hesitate to email me at carl@carlrippon.com.

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