Learn TypeScript


Learn TypeScript

Welcome to Learn TypeScript. My name is Carl Rippon, and I'm excited to bring you this course!

If you are a JavaScript developer and want to build your apps faster and more robustly, this course is for you. Learn to use TypeScript's amazing type system with your existing JavaScript skills to boost your productivity, and create apps that are easier to maintain.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of TypeScript and starts by helping you understand what TypeScript is and the benefits it brings. The course then gently introduces you to the TypeScript type system and how to create basic types.

You will eventually learn to create reusable types that can be used in many situations reducing the code you need to write to produce flexible and strongly-typed code.

The course then moves into more advanced topics such as type narrowing, immutable types, mapped types and conditional types which will help you create your own powerful utility types.

You will gain a deep understanding of the TypeScript compiler options and use TypeScript with Babel, ESLint, and Webpack to produce a high quality codebase.

TypeScript is one of the most loved languages at the moment and a must-know language that will serve you well for years to come.

I hope you enjoy the course!

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