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Mapped Types

In this module, we are going to learn about mapped types. Mapped types allow us to create new types from existing types. We can think of a mapped type as the array map function, but it maps types rather than values.

Mapped types help us keep our types more maintainable. Consider the function below that updates an object holding information about a person:

type Person = {
name: string;
dob: Date;
type PersonUpdate = {
name?: string;
dob?: Date;
function updatePerson(person: Person, update: PersonUpdate) {
return {...person, ...update}

The function takes in the original person object as well as an object containing the properties to update.

PersonUpdate isn't very DRY, though. If our program requires a new property to be added to Person, we will need to remember to add this to PersonUpdate.

We'll learn how to make types like this more maintainable with mapped types in this module.

In this module we will cover:

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